All figures below are from my own gnuplot scripts. If you see an image that looks like one you wish to create or has some aspect/element you wish to incorporate in your own graphs, click on the image to be taken to a new page with extra details about the figure, including the gnuplot script to create it. Each figure has a list of "key features"/keywords associated with it, so you might also be able to search this website for a keyword you're looking for.

The script pages may or may not contain the datasets plotted in the figures. If you happen to come across a figure you'd really like to reproduce exactly, feel free to contact me to request the relevant dataset(s).

I learned a lot of tricks from here and here, which may also be useful resources for whatever you're currently trying to figure out how to plot.

For the record, it's pronounced "new-plot," like a gnu.

Note that gnuplot scripts allow comments via the octothorpe, #. Some of my scripts have helpful comments written to the right of the code line, or some non-code information I like to keep handy at the bottom of my scripts. Some scripts may have real code lines commented out (read "turned off"), which could happen for a few main reasons: I built that particular script from a template script, and kept the lines present but commented out in case I needed to remember them later; I may have tested the lines of code in previous iterations of the figure, before deciding on the final settings and figures you find here.