TRR Designs is my outlet for researching, developing, licensing, and selling the product designs and "inventions" that have popped into my head over the years. Follow the links on the TRR Designs website to find out more about specific products/projects!

Learn about how I pursue several projects simultaneously.

Some of these are general purpose-type codes that will be beneficial to the average (post-GUI) computer user. Others are one-offs, python/jupyter notebooks, and fun mini-projects that may be at least mildly interesting (especially to a computational scientist or student). 

I used gnuplot as my go-to plotting tool in grad school, and wanted to share some of the tricky things I learned how to incorporate in my figures along the way.

A collection of jupyter notebooks with python solutions-- including numerical, symbolic/algebraic, and graphical-- to the problem sets in Differential Equations with Boundary-Value Problems, D.G. Zill and M.R. Cullen, 7th Ed.


Modeling, Experiments, Theory, and Operations for Doctoral Students (METHODS) is an interdisciplinary group of science grad students I founded at the University of Arkansas in 2018. Check out the their website to see what METHODS is all about. While you're at it, you might even browse through their grad-student-life-related meme collection!

Full disclosure: I created a few of the memes on the METHODS website, and receive a commission if you laugh at them.

"Hobbyist" at best, but definitely more than just using my phone and Instagram filters.

I own a couple of 3D printers, and have been developing my CAD modeling skills, printing objects for TRR Designs and home improvements.